Forget 'new year, new me' - I have a very specific financial goal in mind for this year.
It’s that time of year again - the time of year when everyone on the Internet wants to tell you exactly what you NEED to buy for your loved ones for the…
I don’t know even where to begin.
I had the opposite of a no-buy year and I don't regret a bit of it.
Because ads and subscriptions are the worst. And I believe creative work should be rewarded.
Where were you when Zuck lost billions in one day?
It’s that time of year! Time to swap my summer dresses for cozy sweaters. (I swear I don’t have two separate wardrobes, I just have a small apartment).
It's my birthday and I have some thoughts
Self-care has ballooned into a $450 billion industry. This commodification of wellness is, well, exhausting. Let's get back to the basics.
Introducing Scrap Heap Goods
Spoiler: texture and colour are your friends
Living in a three-bedroom house for two years = too much stuff