Self-care has ballooned into a $450 billion industry. This commodification of wellness is, well, exhausting. Let's get back to the basics.
Forget 'new year, new me' - I have a very specific financial goal in mind for this year.
I guess I didn't need these things in my life after all.
Every 2-3 years I like to completely change my life.
I had the opposite of a no-buy year and I don't regret a bit of it.
Living in a three-bedroom house for two years = too much stuff
Sometimes the last thing you'd expect is exactly what you need.
Don't let minimalist guilt get the better of you.
Aka, an excuse to share photos from my Italian vacation
Not all of your stuff deserves a space in your moving truck
Finding and Funding Time
Honestly? It wasn't as hard as I thought.